A Rebuttal to Everything Scooter Braun (sorry, his wife and client) are Saying About Taylor Swift

Just a bit of a warning, this post is going to be a bit of a brain dump. When I can wrap my head around the situation a little better, I’ll try to update the post in a more organized manner, but for now, these are my feelings and I just need to get them out there.

To understand this post, first go to Taylor Swift’s Tumblr post, then to Yael Braun’s Instagram post, then to Justin Bieber’s Instagram post. Ok, Break! And get some tissues, it’s tough stuff (well, only for people who can empathize with other humans I guess).

Okay, Are you all caught up? Justin Bieber is totallllly a manipulative little prick, right?!! I know!!! Ok. Let’s get into it.

Yael first, well, because Scooter has yet to say anything about the matter…So, this post will be basically refuting what Yael and Justin Bieber (lol) had to say about Taylor.

To be honest, I’ve spent a lot of time standing up for Taylor this past week on social media (#schoolsoutforsummer) and I have yet to see one person say anything about Yael’s and Scooter’s kids. I didn’t even know they had kids until Yael brought it up… Sure, some of Taylor’s fans are young, but most of us are in our late 20’s now and many of us have children, or nieces/nephews of our own.  I couldn’t imagine bringing family into this and it’s really unclear why she did. Maybe some of the younger fans got into it, but honestly the worst thing I saw was someone spelling Yael’s name wrong purposefully and I called them out on it. So I’m realllly doubtful of this happening. However, that’s not the point. 

The point is that Taylor wanted to warn artists what could happen with their music if they didn’t have ownership of what they created. Yael is the one who brought her kids up and cyber bullied Taylor in her post (saying the world watched her drop friends like wilted flowers, yeah, that’s something a bully says). She also said that her husband, Scooter, believes in Taylor more than she believes in herself? What kind of BS is that??? Like, where does this woman get off!!! Taylor is the MOST passionate artist I’ve ever seen perform, who truly loves and cares about her music, and spends the time, energy, and money to truly BRING IT TO LIFE in the most brilliant, theatrical, and truly electric way. A way that leaves fans wanting more, even when their throat hurts from screaming the lyrics along with her, or their feet hurt from dancing all night at her concert. I’m not going to say the band, but there was a well known band playing in my town that left two songs into their set because a bird pooped on a member’s head. Taylor literally plays rain shows back to back. She is clearly a performer who is dedicated to her craft and even more dedicated than anyone currently living, I’d say. So for Yael to say that, was also cruel.  She also ended the post by saying Tumblr wasn’t going to fix it, ok so Instagram will, Ms Yael? Real grown up move there. 

Yael also lied and said Taylor didn’t say she had the opportunity to own her masters. Taylor literally told us that she had the opportunity to earn her masters in the first statement of her post. However, she was trapped by her label and knew if she stayed it would take at least over a decade later to earn her masters and that with or without her, Scott would sell the label and she’d have to work with someone new. Her other option was to leave and part with the fact that she wouldn’t be able to own her masters and find a better label fit for her legacy. So that’s what she did. 

Could she imagine her life’s work (ALMOST comparable to a ~bABy~, YAEL) going to someone like SCOOTER who had taken part in bullying her? (Yes, it happened, Yael can stop lying about it). Probably not. Did she have the right to be vulnerable and share her experience about losing her life’s work to someone who never treated her kindly and even took part in bullying her? Absolutely. 

I’ve YET to see Scooter say one positive thing publicly about Taylor. In fact, he made this even more messy by having his client Justin Bieber make an “apology” which was just a gaslighting post where he said sorry for bullying her and then continued to question why she was upset about said bullying and what her intentions for posting about said bullying.  *Gaslighting and manipulation at its finest*. Justin also proceeded to promote his clothing line in his next five posts. So what were HIS intentions for posting that “apology” is the real question. 

Scooter has also been congratulating himself on his $300 million purchase by reposting Instagram stories of his friends, but mostly clients/coworkers congratulating him. In one of the (now deleted stories) he reposted a friend congratulating him saying, “when your friend buys Taylor Swift”. (See Photo Below) Are you kidding me? Yael, girl, I thought your husband loves Taylor more than she loves herself?? So much that he jokes about BUYING HER?? Wow, so much respect!!!!!!! In all seriousness, Scooter or ANYONE from his team for that matter, has YET to say one nice thing about Taylor or her very legacy he once tried to undermine, but will now profit off of the rest of his life which just goes to PROVE that Taylor is right to be upset about this experience.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 5.10.53 AM

Yael, Scooter, and Justin, I hope you guys can make this right to Taylor. Not only with a real apology, but if Scooter cares about Taylor the way Yael describes, he will outright sell Taylor her masters back, the way she should have been able to purchase them in the first place.  That is the only way I can see this being resolved. 

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