Look What You Made Me Do, Kim K #TransformationTuesdayThreeYearsLater

Hey, internet friends (and real life friends)!!

For someone who loves social media, over-sharing, and taking selfies as much as I do, it might be strange for you to believe that I never posted about my #transformationtuesday from three (yes, three) years ago, but here it is. Some of you are probably asking, why now? Why this Transformation Tuesday post, three years later? Well, let’s get into it. 

Obviously, unless you live under a rock, you know this past Monday was the MET Gala in NYC and since I love pop culture, of course I obsessed over everyone’s looks for the evening. I posted some of my favorites to my insta story (and my not-so-favorites) and it  was my least favorite look of the night that prompted me to write this post. Look What You Made Me Do, Kim Kardashian. 

So, I obviously gained a lot of weight in college (we all do, right? Like really, RIGHT??…which is why I never even thought it was important to share my hashtag transformation Tuesday post, however, I feel like it’s now, more important than ever to talk about body positivity.

To get into the #transformationtuesday part of this post- obviously, I lost the weight I gained….I said that way too nonchalantly, let’s try it again. GUYS, CAN U BELIEVE, I LOST THE WEIGHT!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! *smiles out loud typing that*  I’ve also managed to keep it off for three years (!!!!). (To just touch on the weight journey, I went down eight pant sizes.) I don’t want to make this toooo personal, but I was naturally thin all my life. Growing up, I could eat six tacos, nachos, and ice cream at night and wouldn’t gain a pound. At least I wouldn’t notice a difference in my clothes, I hardly ever stepped foot on a scale.  I also played basketball, volleyball, and soccer in grade school and ran around my neighborhood literally every night. I was very active. In high school, I worked at a bakery and would eat as many cookies filled with buttercream icing as much as they allowed me to and the older crowd would ask every day, “how do you stay so thin working here?”. To be honest, I didn’t even know, I was annoyingly skinny because it was all genetics, however, the three years I ran cross country in high school definitely helped (even though I suckeddddd at running). I didn’t really think too much about my body besides the fact that I couldn’t grow boobs…little did I know I would grow boobs bigger than I could’ve ever imagined. haha. Praise be. (Jk, guys, except not really.) So when I gained weight in college, it took a toll on my physical, emotional, and mental health.  Honestly, some days I would tell myself that it was just college and I would lose it all easily (which is exactly what happened). Other days, and to be honest, most days, I thought I would look the way I did forever which caused me to be sooooo down on myself, but I want to stay positive so we’re not going to get too much into that.

I’m posting because I’m proud of myself… because lord knows I prayed everyday it would somehow happen, but the only thing I wish I could’ve told myself back when I was struggling with my body is that it didn’t matter what I looked like, it only mattered if I was happy with myself. That’s all that matters. It’s still the only thing that matters and that of course I’m always working on and I think everyone is always working on.  (I REALLY, REALLY needed Amy Schumer’s movie, I Feel Pretty, when I was in college.  I may have silently bawled three separate times in the movie theatre, it hit me that hard.)

So you’re probably asking, what in the world of Kim Kardashian have to do with this??? Well, we live in a world now where us girls (and guys) are bombarded with Facetune, photoshop, implants, etc… and it is at the very least toxic to our day-to-day lives. Personally, I don’t care who wants to have plastic surgery or who is FaceTuning their ‘grams, it’s literally becoming the norm; however, if someone’s job description includes influencing young women, I think that person should have the responsibility to be upfront with his/her followers about the kind of surgery they’re getting, or to post realistic images of themselves.

Young girls don’t realize the Botox, fillers, photoshop, etc… that create this unrealistic standard of beauty and are often left with facing feelings of confusion and frustration when they look in the mirror and are not seeing the same kind of person they see flooding their insta feeds. It is a vicious cycle that I personally don’t see stopping as of now, but at the very least we can start talking about it by being upfront and honest about it.

What does Kim K and the MET gala have to do with it? I get the CAMP theme. I get it’s supposed to be extra and dramatic.  I have no idea how much input a celeb has when a designer is creating their look.  HOW*clap*EV*clap*ER, I found it downright disgusting that Kim would think it’s cool to be “dramatic” by changing her body type for her look.  (She could’ve refused to wear the outfit the designer showed her, not gone, etc…).  Unless you don’t know what her outfit consisted of: she wore a corset in which she said herself was so tight-fitting on her waist that she could not even PEE. What kind of inhumanity is this? Why is she taking it this far? This is not the 1800’s Kim!!!!

Call me a Kim K troll all you want, there’s no denying that she is not a positive role model when it comes to being an influencer to young girls or self-acceptance.  As I mentioned before, I don’t care who gets plastic surgery or factetunes their photos, whatever, but if your job is to be an influencer, which is her job by instagram’s definition of one, then she needs to be upfront about her surgery, photoshopping, etc…  On her reality show she went so far as to “prove” she “did not get butt implants” by showing an x-ray of her ass. Yes, I’m being for real.  She went so far as to LYING about her plastic surgery.  This is what literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Here’s to body positivity, self love, and self acceptance. Also, here’s to the women (and men) who are not deceitful about their image and create a stable culture for our youth today. As Amy Schumer once said, Kim’s family is, “a whole family of women who take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion”, which is fine, change your natural appearance, but let’s make more room for body acceptance and self-love as well.

Enjoy my #transformationtuesday pics below lol.




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