Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for him

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. Haha I’m sorry, typing that sentence will never get any less cheesy.

Fun fact: Two years ago, the third time I attempted to blog, this same topic, a Valentine’s Day gift guide for him, was my first (unpublished) post.  The last few months of actually publishing my blogs have been so fun.  I love having a new creative outlet! Thanks to everyone out there reading these little ramblings…but especially to those people who have told me they found something I posted relatable!! I appreciate it!

So, confession- I love gift guides when the recipient I’m writing about is a girly girl because shopping for someone like me just comes wayyy too natural, ya feel me? Like sorry but, shopping for myself, besides watching television produced by Mike Fleiss or Andy Cohen, is my greatest hobby.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love to try to spoil the loved ones in my life!!  So without further ado, here’s a Valentine’s Day gift guide for those boy toys in your life.  Because god knows, they are the hardest people to shop for, but sometimes the most deserving. lol. love ya Nicky!!! All products are linked below.

valentines day-2

1.Practical: Ties 2. Another practical gift: Shave Set 3. For fun: Golf Balls 4. Okkk how cute are these Heart Print Socks

Recent favorites:


I wrote in my makeup routine post how the bareminerals foundation wasn’t working out for me.  Well, I finally finished the bottle and I’m a week in using my new Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation and I am in loveeeee. It’s currently my favorite foundation of ANY foundation product I’ve tried. Unfortunately, I’ve been breaking out recently (prior to using this product) and this foundation has come to my rescue, man.  I’m super happy with it and will definitely be repurchasing as of now!!

TV show:

Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up. Ok, I know her book has been around for a while, but I also happen to be a loser who hasn’t picked up a book in a while, SAD! This Netflix show is really giving me a re-boot in how I think of purchasing things.  I’ve always been a sucker for (attempting at) simplifying my life.  Whether it’s Emily Ley’s books or Dave Ramsey’s…I love to learn methods for budgeting and how to minimize what I already own.  This show in particular gives great insight on how de-clutter every facet of your home.  I especially love her folding method where you fold your clothes into squares and can see everything in your drawer! GENIUS!

Pop Culture Moment of the Month:

Taylor Swift and her Cats co-star, Idris Elba, giving Lady Gaga her award for Best Original Song, “Shallow”, at the Golden Globes. I mean, so many things to unpack in this tiny moment!

First, we have Taylor presenting with her Cats co-star which gave me all the hype for that movie, because honestly the way Taylor runs her social media these days (which quite frankly, is almost nonexistent) I forgot this movie is even happening so I’m excited all over again.

***Edit: as of earlier today, a little after this post was published, Taylor Swift finally decided it was time to promote herself and posted a selfie with her character’s name “Bombalurina” on Instagram.***

Another great thing about this moment, was that  Lady Gaga won for her song “Shallow” because even though I didn’t watch any of the other movies nominated, I still know “Shallow”, was for suure the most deserving.

The best part though was the mere fact that Taylor Swift got to present to Lady Gaga. I feel like everyone in the universe music industry loves to hate on TSwift, hence the album: reputation, so whoever allowed her to present this award to Gaga was so in tune.  They are both pop ICONS and I’m glad they both got to share in that moment.  The most adorable part was when they walked off stage together arm in arm.  Also, TSwift was spotted entering the studio where Lady Gaga has been recording recently, so this just begs the question even further if there will be a Taylor and Lady Gaga collab?? Either way, I’m not well, bitch.  Here’s to queens supporting queens!!!!

Links for January favorites:

emily ley_1  marie kondo

dave ramsey

emily ley    dave ramsey_1

Thanks for checking out my Valentine’s Day gift guide and January favorites! Let me know what else you’d like to see in the future!!



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