My Current Makeup Routine

Hey guys! Happy New Year!! My first post of the New Year is probably my favorite post yet- my current makeup routine!! I watch a shit ton of make-up tutorials on YouTube, not necessarily because I’m super into make-up, but I find them super relaxing and honestly I’d rather watch Jaclyn Hill and Jeffree Star do their makeup than Pat Sayjak on Wheel of Fortune (no cable probz), but seriously can we get Pat Sayjak off the air yet? He’s seriously the worst. Ok, getting off topic here… back to make-up. After watching Jaclyn and Jeffree do their makeup so often, I feel like I have a pretty good grip on how to properly “beat my face”.  So without further ado, here are the products I use in my current make-up routine. All products are linked below!


  1. The first step in my make-up routine is to prime my face.  Depending on the day or event, it definitely depends what products I use. If I actually care about my make-up lasting and want to acheive a more natural look, AKA have my foundation BLEND into my face, then I definitely will use a primer, like this one.  If I’m just going to a movie, the mall, an appointment, etc.. I just use my moisturizer.  Honestly, sometimes if I’m going to the aforementioned events, I may just do my skincare routine and will throw on some mascara and call it a day.  However, for the days that I actually care a little about what my face looks like, I do not skip priming my face before putting any kind of make-up on.
  2. After my face is primed, I apply my foundation.  This bareminerals foundation works pretty well especially for the price, however I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite foundation ever. It comes out VERY liquid-y and for some reason dries pretty quickly so it’s not super easy to apply.  However, it does have great coverage and is cheaper than a lot of other brands out there.
  3. I will never, ever, ever (probably) use a different bronzer than this Hoola bronzer by Benefit.  I’ve been using it for at least five years now and I love it.  It’s the perfect matte bronze-y shade and I use it all year long, baby.
  4. This Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills changed my liiiiife.  The colors are super pigmented and the brush it comes with is actually super high quality.  There is very little fallout with this product and the colors are so pretty,  I definitely will be re-purchasing whenever I run out!
  5. So after years of NOT trying the NARS Orgasm blush, I finally gave in and splurged.  I’m not going to say it’s the BEST blush ever because it’s truly not, but it is a super pretty color.  The first few times I used the blush, I definitely understood the hype because it applied very pretty, but after the first couple of uses it didn’t seem any more special than other brands of blush.  I’m not sure if I’ll re-purchase or not.
  6. I’ve been using Revlon’s Skinny Liquid Eyeliner for as long as I can remember.  Obviously like any kind of liquid eyeliner, it takes some getting used to applying, however, it stays on really well and it comes at a great price!  I line my waterline and my top eyelid when going out.  If I’m not going anywhere special, I just do my waterline, or skip eyeliner altogether and I most DEFINITELY do not line my lower lid.
  7. I have tried many drugstore and high-end mascaras and I always come back to this Maybelline Rocket Volume Express mascara.  It’s volumizing and lengthening.  Just go over your eyelashes with a curler and boom, suddenly you have voluminous, sexy lashes!!! I’m not even kidding!
  8. EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE not just talks about, but GUSHES about BECCA’s Champagne Pop highlighter.  It’s literally the only highlighter that seems to matter to some people, which of course is why I bought it? The recurring theme when it comes to trying new make-up products seems to be – why do I give in to these fads??? I mean, I get it- this highlighter WILL light your face to the gods, buuuut so will Kylie’s.  Seriously, one time I went out wearing one of Kylie’s highlighters after Ke$ha’s court case and someone asked me if I was wearing my highlighter in solitude with Ke$ha (lolllll). Not that I don’t love supporting women, but that’s not the look I was going for that night.  However in my defense, I was also wearing an interesting animal print romper AND it was my first time I think ever applying highlighter, so there. Back to BECCA’s champagne pop, it definitely goes to infinity and beyond in doing what it’s supposed to do, BUT IT BREAKS SO EASILY.  I read one review where someone said their palette broke and I was like, I’m pretttyyy careful with my make-up, it won’t break.  Less than three uses later and I ended up with a broken palette.  On my birthday too.  Not gonna lie, I still use it, but it applies pretty shitty now.  The next highlighter I buy will probably be BECCA’s Champagne Pop or Prosecco, but in liquid form.  I’ve tried it and it gives a great natural glowy look – not as lit, but that’s ok, I’m not trying to look like one of Ke$ha’s “party animals”.
  9. Last but not least, I finish off with some sort of lip product. For daytime I usually just do a gloss, or a nude lip.  This Dior LipGlow is SERIOUSLY my favorite.  It’s definitely a splurge but it’s sooo worth it because it’s super pretty and also stays on very well.

Again, depending on where I’m going my make-up routine definitely changes and I’m no beauty guru, I just enjoy beauty vlogs.  I definitely skipped some steps in this post, for example: contouring, concealer, translucent powder, brushes, sponges, eyebrows, etc.. I can do a more in-depth post later including those if you’d like!  However, these are the products I currently use daily!! Hope you enjoyed!

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