My “on brand” favs

Hi friends and welcome back to my blog!  Today I’m going to get into what everyone’s been obsessing about lately: being “on brand”.  Telling someone they’re “on brand” is another way of saying “that’s so you!”  I decided to talk about my favorite things I own that I think are completely “on brand” for me.  And if you are following this blog then I think you’ll enjoy them as well!



  1. I am literally obsessed with this personalized Stoney Clover Lane pouch.  I use it whenever I can. I love the nautical look the blue stripes give to it and how the luxe pink letters give it a feminine touch.  Stoney Clover Lane in general has the cutest stuff. Go check them out on insta!
  2. Yes, I realize I’ve already posted about this SomethingNavy sweater, but I wear it alllll the time. It’s so cozy and cute. I’m such a huge fan of Arielle Charnas and I feel proud to support her brand while wearing her designs.
  3. My personalized Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner is not only adorable but it’s so practical. The planners I have used in the past do not even compare to how easy it is to stay organized while using this planner.  With Erin Condren’s planners, I can customize how I want my week to look which makes it so much more personable to my life.  Not to mention that it has high quality paper so when you’re writing down your tasks or events it makes it feel more important which makes it easier to remember important events down the road. (Idk if that makes sense to most people, but it works for me!) I’ll probably do a later post just about her products, I could go on and on!
  4. Ok so when I showed my boyfriend Nick this cropped sweatshirt with Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia, as a space cat, he literally asked me if I got it for a costume party.  HAHA. Uh, no… Let me explain myself. In college, I had a weird thing with the space cat meme. Idk why but they just really tickled me. Something about a cat on pizza in space, I guess.  This sweatshirt is totallyyy  me because it’s pink, has my favorite meme, AND it’s TSwift merch. Which  I’ll get into ten thousand posts about her later I’m sure.
  5. This ArchApparel logo baseball cap was a gift from my friend on my birthday last year.  I love going to Cardinals games and I love supporting my birds whenever I can.  Plus I LOVE hats. I own it in Navy!
  6. This Dior LipGlow is so on brand for me because I love a lip color with a natural look.  The boldest lips I do are typically hot pink.  You’ll hardly ever see me with a bold lip though.  This lip gloss stays on forever and it’s supposed to bring out the natural color of your lip color.  I love the original matte pink color in ballet pink.
  7. If you like The Office or The Mindy Show, then you have to read Mindy Kaling’s book Why Not Me?. I’ve been obsessed with The Office since it was on-air which got me into watching The Mindy Show and just loving anything Mindy does.  But really, this book title alone inspired me in a way to finally publish this blog.  I have started at LEAST three blogs before this one but NEVER published them.  Whenever I saw Mindy’s book in my apartment, I thought to myself if I really enjoy writing, fashion, and blogs that much then why aren’t I doing it? Literally, why not me?
  8. These elephant salt & pepper shakers were also a gift from a friend.  Fun Fact about me: I have an elephant collection that my parents started for me when I was a baby and I now have elephants scattered everywhere throughout my apartment.  Some of my favorites aside from these cuties are: one that my great-grandpa had on his desk that is carved out of wood, a statue of a small elephant smiling, and a rhinestone-beaded elephant that my college friend brought back for me from her home country of India.  Unfortunately, the salt & pepper set I have from Francesa’s are sold out, but I linked some cute Kate Spade elephant salt and pepper shakers here!
  9. My final “on brand” product I own is Taylor Swift’s 1989 album.  Like I’ve mentioned in my first blog post, I’ve always loved pop culture so I love owning this iconic pop moment where the biggest country/pop musician branded herself as a pop artist and debuted her first pop album!

That’s all I have for now about my “on brand” products.  What things of your own do you consider “on brand” for yourself??

Here’s to staying true to yourself!!



One thought on “My “on brand” favs

  1. Hi Mel, do you have an e-mail I could reach you on? I wasn’t able to find any on the blog, would love to hear if you’re open to collab? You’re also more than welcome to write directly to me on if you don’t want to publish your e-mail here in the comments 🙂


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