My Skincare Routine

Hi guys! I wanted to share my current skincare routine with you.

First of all, the most important part of my skincare routine is staying HYDRATED.  I drink no less than 60 oz. of water throughout the day and around 32 oz. at night.  I am literally constantly drinking water. To answer your question: yes, I am also constantly peeing.  However, the benefits of water are worth it! When I am hydrated, my skin is happy and I am happy.

My skin type is dry/combination and I tend to have hormonal and stress breakouts.  Acne sucks, especially as an adult.  As a teenager, I went to an all girls school where I never wore makeup and only struggled with stress breakouts during my junior year.  I never paid attention to my skin until college when I started breaking out due to added stress, but mostly because of my college diet.  It was only recently though that skincare started becoming more important to me.

Aside from drinking water, I think having a healthy diet is the best thing you can do for your skin.  However, since no one’s diet is perfect unless you work for GOOP, read GOOP, or are Kourtney Kardashian, having a skincare routine that works for you is super important!

Here’s what currently works for me.  All products are linked below!



Cleanser: I wash my face using First Aid Beauty Cleanser.  This particular cleanser is really gentle on my skin which is why I love it.

Acne Treatment: I use Clean and Clear Spot Treatment on my breakouts as needed.

Moisturizer: Currently, I have been using Tarte’s H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer.  I like it because it’s gel-like and makes me feel like I’m giving my skin a refreshing drink of cold water.

SPF: Let’s get real. Protecting your skin from HARMFUL and DAMAGING UV rays is so important. My makeup products usually have SPF in them but I  apply generously and multiple times throughout the day if I am at a pool or the beach. Sunburns are uncomfortable, sometimes painful, literal skin damage, and all around NOT CUTE.  Small confession: I got second degree burns from THE SUN on my high school spring break. (Yes, it can happen!)  We were at Bonita Beach in Florida and I did not flip when everyone else did/basically fell asleep on the beach and the back of my legs were tomato red.  They were so sunburnt that it hurt to get in and out of bed.  When I got back to school, my anatomy teacher said to me, “those are some nice second degree burns you got there”.  I was so embarrassed.  The back of my legs turned black (basically scabbed over) and everywhere I walked I was shedding skin.  It was disgusting and that is why I wear my sunblock! Lesson learned the hard way. Protect your skin!!!! I like Neutrogena’s SPF Ultra Sheer Sunscreen because it has a much lighter feel and texture than normal sunscreens but works just as well.



Makeup Remover: Taking off your make-up is one of the most important steps of your evening routine! I definitely can tell the toll it takes on my skin when I fall asleep with my makeup on.  For removing my makeup, I LOVE Clinique’s Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent.  I have been using it since I started wearing makeup.  It is gentle on my skin and removes the makeup with just a little bit of product which it’s why it’s worth the splurge.

Toner/Cleanser: First, I wash my face with First Aid Beauty Cleanser, then I’ll use toner.  Especially after working out, or a day where I’m sweating a lot.  Toner really helps remove excess oil, dirt and grime and helps shrink your pores.  However, I do not use toner every night as it can be super drying and I already have dry skin. I use Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion 2, or Neutrogena Toner which gets the job done when needed!

Facial Oil: I very recently tried facial oil. Bareminerals ETERNALIXIR Skin-Volumizing Oil Serum makes my skin feel smoother after I use it and also gives off a nice glow which is why it can be used during the day or night.

Eye Cream: I’m in my late twenties so I don’t know if it’s ridiculous or not that I use eye cream but preventative anti-aging can’t hurt, right?!  I use Olay Age Defying Classic Eye Gel. It feels heavy and soft on my skin which makes me feel like it’s really working.

Honorable Mentions:

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 4.09.57 PM              Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 4.07.53 PM              Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 3.58.59 PM               Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 9.19.18 PM.png

Jade Roller: Jade rolling has become super popular recently in skincare.  From my understanding, the end game with jade rolling is to make your face less swollen by draining your lymphatic system.  I like doing it in the morning to wake my skin up and get my blood flow moving.

Masks: There’s nothing better than a night of a self-care with a bottle glass of wine, candles, your favorite record playing, and face masks. My absolute favorite sheet masks are Karuna.  They leave my skin feeling so soft.

Exfoliator: Obviously exfoliator is not something you want to do every night because it can be harsh on your skin.  My favorite brand of exfoliators to use are Kate Sommerville.  I find when I use her products I actually feel it cleaning my pores, leaving my skin feeling so soft and clean-feeling which is why her products are worth the splurge!!

Self-tanner: We already went over how UV Rays and sunburns are not cute, insert self-tanner.  Honestly, drug store self-tanners are fine.  I love Loreal’s Sublime Bronze lotion in medium.  **MAKE SURE YOU EXFOLIATE BEFORE USE**

That’s all I have for now.  My skincare routine is EVER CHANGING and no skincare routine is going to be inclusive to everyone because we all have different skin types. Make sure to talk to a dermatologist to find out what truly works best for you!

Noted: I included a mix of drug-store and high-end products in this post but in the future I will do a full drug-store skincare product post!  Let me know what else you want to see on the blog!







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