Fall Fun in Pink

While I enjoy lattes and Taylor Swift’s Red album (which was totally deserving of a GRAMMY, btw), I have to admit that since I’m a basic bitch when it comes to juuust about everything that I’m not a fan of Fall. I thrive in hot weather and when Fall comes around, in my mind it means one thing: Winter is coming.  Yuckkk.

However, my boyfriend Nick and I made the best of the “nice weather” by recently going to Eckert’s apple orchid and pumpkin patch.  Nick put me on his shoulders to get the best apples at the top of the tree, which ended up with me falling and both of us covered in dirt… #embarrassing. Aside from me toppling over him, we had a great #basicbitch Fall time sampling the apples and having multiple photo shoots!

My sweater is by the brand Something Navy from the September collection at Nordstrom.  This sweater is ADORABLE.  It is the perfect shade of pink and is so cozy. I will definitely be wearing it throughout all of Fall!  It looks like they restocked the collection on Nordstrom’s website! Initially, Arielle’s September collection sold out SO fast! You can read about how fast it sold out here and how fans of Arielle’s brand were disappointed they weren’t able to snag pieces. Basically, the website glitched from too many users at once.  Pro tip: If you have an eye on something from her November collection, I HIGHLY recommend downloading the Nordstrom app and being online when it launches in case they don’t re-stock!


Diamond Days-2



This sweater runs big so if you don’t like the slouchy look, then make sure to get a size smaller!

Get Arielle’s Something Navy sweater here:sweater-2

Sweater’s similar to Arielle’s:

1. Mockneck Sweater 2. Pullover Sweater 3. Nordstrom Sweater



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